a tour of australian white wines

join us friday, august 9th for another arthur’s collective event, featuring wines from australia with a summer theme.  crisp and delightfully playful white wines from various regions across australia.


whiskey wednesdays

every wednesday arthur’s features one of our over 140 bottles of whiskey at a discounted price, with both cocktail suggestions and half pours available to taste. selected each week, our whiskey aficionado, craig wilson, takes great care to showcase all facets of our worldly collection. it’s not just your grandfather’s whiskey here at arthur’s, but if you want to enjoy a glass with mr. wilson go for the laphroaig—it’s his sneaky favorite.


half-off bottles of wine thursdays

all day thursday arthur’s offers our entire bottled wine selection at half off, up to $30.  here's your chance to explore a little deeper into our wine list--we've got beautiful reds from australia, unique varietals such as verdejo, as well as killer reds and whites from right here in washington.